How to Wear It : Slim Fit Jeans for Big Guys

Slim Fit Jeans For Big Guys
How to Wear It : Slim Fit Jeans for Big Guys

Slim fit jeans for big guys are exclusively designed for you who have heavy body build but want to stay on trend. Of course, there is nothing more painful for a person than wearing a wrong type of jeans. But of course, you are allowed to wear pair of jeans from your favorite brand.

This is why, we are here to give you guide about choosing the perfect jeans especially for you who are on the bulkier and heavier side.

Jeans that make you slim

When it comes to choosing pair of jeans, it is always about the style and fit. There will be several things that should be avoided when you are an individual with heavier and bulky body build. And skinny jeans may give that burden to you even though it does not mean you cannot wear skinny jeans. When the jean does not fit you then it will not slim you.

Things to avoid

Make sure that you buy a skinny jean that is not too tight on the waist area. When it is too tight then you will develop a bulky flesh above the waist. Women call it as a muffin-top and it will not look good on any person. Besides the size, it makes very obvious look that you hold some extra pound on it.

But if you get a jean that fits you but you still worry about the situation of possible muffin top then you can cover it. So, you can wear a long top that will cover your waist band. You may still have the muffin top but the top will cover your extra weight. T-shirt and jumper will fit your style after all.

Please remember that your body still needs to breathe as well as reproducing. So, you may need to go one or two sizes larger. Besides, it is not recommended to wear a jean with extra length. So, if you cannot find Levi’s then you may need to find a good tailor in order to make your jeans become on the right length.

Best skinny jeans for men

Best skinny jean for a guy with bulkier and heavier body build will be the ones that have higher waistline. It will cover the belly and it will also hold the bulge that is called as the muffin top. The jean is still tight on the legs but you will still have enough space to move and bending you knees easily. Besides, if you can do squat without making seams then the jeans will be the perfect one for you.

When it comes to fabric and color, you should remember that the heavier materials will make you produce lots of sweats and it is kind of hot in there. So, thinner jeans will be highly recommended with darker color. With darker pair of jean, you can mix it with some color for the top.

As we have said in another article, heavy guy still can wear jean as long as he found the perfect slim fit jeans for big guys.