Short Jeans for Womens Based on Your Body Shape

short jeans for womens based on body shape
short jeans for womens based on body shape

Short Jeans for Womens based on Your Body Shape – Jeans or denim is a great idea for casual appearance. It undeniably gives the vibes of young and effortlessly cool. Interestingly, the designs of jeans are also various nowadays. It is not only in the form of trousers but also for women, you can enjoy jeans in short pants and skirts. However, some women may find themselves not confident while wearing those kinds of jeans. There is no other reason except their body shapes. Well, if you are one of them, here is a guidance to buy short jeans based on your body shape. Here they are.

Short Jeans for Petite Women

Okay, you probably don’t have a kind of body which is tall enough like those models. But sure, this should not get you in the way to look fashionable. The key point here is that you should make your body look taller than the reality. It means that hipster-style short jeans are not recommended since the design itself is quite short. You must choose its opposite; the short jeans with high waist. The long waist may give optical illusions so that your body looks taller as well as slimmer. The way to wear it is so easy; it is that you can insert your shirt or T-shirt inside the short. With the high waist accent that is fit on your body, it can make you look sexier as well without trying hard.

Short Jeans for Plus-Size Women

This body shape is often considered as “worse” than anything. Sure, you need to get rid of such a though away from your mind because you can still look beautiful with this body. More than that, it is if you are able to choose outfit that fit on your body well. If you want to wear short jeans, it is actually no matter what kind of shorts you want to choose. Here is to be paid attention more; the jeans must not be too tight or too lose. Those two “too” can just make your body fatter. High waist jeans are great if you also want to cover the fat on the belly. Besides, make sure not to wear crop-top shirt. The shirt should be able to cover the upper part of your short anyway. You can add accessories or buttons on the part of jeans that you think it does not look too fat as your appearance’s center of attention.

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Short Jeans for Pear-Shaped Women

Many women may find it so confident to have this kind of body. However, some others may not. Yes, pear-shaped body refers to a kind of body where the bumps are quite big while the upper part is slimmer and thinner. Actually, the suggestions are almost the same as those for plus size women; you must not wear jeans that are too loose and too tight, besides, it is better as well to avoid wearing low-rise jeans and jeans with big pockets on the back. Anyway, those are some ideas of short jeans for womens.