Mens Jeans with Elastic Waist for All Body Types

Mens Jeans With Elastic Waist
Mens Jeans with Elastic Waist for All Body Types

Mens jeans with elastic waist could be the good idea if you struggle with your tummy. Well, jeans are kind of the staple in U.S. for decades. Besides this wardrobe is versatile, if you can find the right one then you may end up with the same brand for years. But sometimes, it can be a bit stressful when it comes to shopping for a jean. Wearing jean should be paying attention to your body shape and weight as well.

If once you find a perfect pair of jean but the leg part is too long for you then you better take it to the tailor and make it suits. Sizing is also the important part to take a look. The jean will stretch after ten or twenty times of wash. You better buy a jean that is not loose when you buy it. There are also jeans that come with pre-shrunk and you need to look at the tag first.

So, in this article we are going to give you tips about choosing the right jeans for your body type.

Thinner body build

So, if you are a thinner person then baggy pants will not be suitable for you. It will only make your figure becomes overwhelming. On the other hands, the skinny cut can be too tight and your thin figure will be too thin. So, you can choose straight cut instead.

There are several brands like Buck Mason and Topman that offer pair of jeans that may suit you. The brands offer Lou Slim and Stretch Slim style. Besides the comfort, the brands let you breathe without have to feel too loose or too skinny.

Shorter body build

If you have found a good tailor, do not ever let them go. When a person is taller, it will not be a wise move to add extra fabric to the trousers. But if the person is shorter, they can always fold the fabric and it is kind of a perk.

Trousers with skinny and slim fit shape will add length to your body. So, those styles will match with your body type. Other than that, darker color is highly recommended because it will match most of your wardrobes. You better avoid the pale color because it adds more volume on the bottom half part of your body.

Kenneth Cole, Nudie Jeans, and Mott & Bow offer various jeans you will like to add to your closet.

Heavier body build

Heavier body build does not make you have limited option for jeans. You can try the options that have more stretch. Boot-cut will not be suitable for you because it will exaggerate your legs’ size. Slim fit pant will be good as long as it is not skinny. There are also some brands that offer wider options for the size. AG and Levi’s often offer larger size for men’s jeans. And if you want to feel very comfortable when wearing jeans, you can pick mens jeans with elastic waist.