The Benefits of Jeans without Back Pockets

jeans without back pockets
the benefits of jeans without back pockets

Jeans without back pockets, have you ever seen them ? Yes, it probably sounds weird and strange. In fact, there must be pockets on jeans offered in the shops. However, if you select them carefully, you must find it anyway. It is due to the demands of market that find this type of jeans is necessary to be worn by men and women with certain body shapes. If you are interested to buy one of them, here are some benefits of wearing jeans without any pocket on the back.

Make You Look Slimmer

This must be something expected by many people particularly women. Yes, do you think you have a kind of big behind and really not comfortable with it ? Of course, it can be tricked by wearing something suitable; one of them is jeans that don’t have any pocket on the back. The pocket tends to brings such optical illusion; it is looking bigger even if you don’t keep anything in it. Of course, it means that if you have the opposite problem, you can do the opposite way. If you think that your behind is flat enough, you can trick it by wearing jeans with pockets and try to keep something in it. Back pockets are indeed simple things but they give much influence indeed.

Better for Formal Occasions

Whether you realize it or not, the presence of pocket makes your appearance look more casual. Sure, it is good if you indeed want to look that way. An example is when you want to hang out with friends or something. On the other hand, jeans are considered as a big no for formal occasion like attending family gathering or maybe meeting your in-law to be. Those events maybe don’t need you to look super formal and glamour like wearing dresses. However, it is still suggested took less casual for the attendance of someone older there. So, why don’t you wear a pair of long jeans trousers combined with shirts? Sure, you will create a great look.

Another good event with this kind of jeans is college. Many colleges allow the students to wear anything they want to wear. Unfortunately, not all the colleges are like that. There many others that regulate strict rules including the way they wear outfit during class. For this type of colleges, jeans are one of the problems since it looks too casual. You can try the option of jeans without back pockets anyway. Besides, make sure also that the colors are dark without any gradation to deepen the sense of formal.

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More Unique and Comfortable

This kind of unique is considered as unique due to the fact that most of jeans must apply the pockets on the back. For many reasons, it is good for certain occasions as it has been mentioned above. Besides, it is also comfortable. Why ? Non-pocket jeans are commonly combined with elastic band. That’s why; it feels more flexible and comfortable to be worn particularly if you gain weight. Then, are you interested to wear the jeans without back pockets ?