4 Best Jeans for Cowboy Boots

best jeans for cowboy boots
4 best jeans for cowboy boots

What are the best jeans for cowboy boots ? Jeans is a part of outfit that is flexible and comfortable anywhere and anytime. More than that, it can also be applied along with other wears like boots. Sure, since the types of jeans themselves are various, you must smartly mix and match it so that your look can be more fashionable. Out from many types of jeans for women, there are some of them that can be matched well with the boots. What are they ? Here they are for you.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans in the form of trousers are a great idea to be worn with cowboy boots. Of course, you must know well how it looks like. You should let the boots to be worn outside while the jeans are placed inside. Cowboy boots have a tendency to be tall enough even it is under your knees. This is what makes your appearance look more beautiful and edgy. A good thing about jeans is that it has dark colors. Therefore, whatever the colors applied on the boots, it will look good. To match this combination, you can wear shirt with collars but in simple design. Since skinny jeans along with the boots are already tight, it is much better if the shirt is a little bit loose. Well, it is basically to make your appearance look more balance.

Mini Skirt Jeans

Mini skirt is also a great choice for casual occasion. Particularly, it is if you want to bring out the sense of feminine and sexy of your, you better wear it. The term of mini skirt refers to a kind of skirt with edge above your knees. So, it does not mean that it must be really short. Interestingly, this outfit is great to be worn with any kind of footwear. If you are bored enough with wedges and flat shoes, this one is really worth to try; cowboy boots. Make sure that your upper part is not too casual like T-shirt. Shirt and blouse is better for this idea. But if you want to wear T-shirt, you can add something like vest for more fashionable look.

Short Pants

Again, you can look so sexy and great with this combination. However, there is a common mistake done by the girls while wearing it. it is that the pants are too short or too tight. Again, you must consider the balance matter in this case. It is better to choose a kind of short pants that are not too tight. Just like the skirt which is a little bit flown, you can choose short pants that are quite loose as well. Combining this idea with cowboy boots is really cool anyway.

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Jeans Vest

Jeans should not always be for the pants or skirts, aren’t they ? For this matter, why don’t you wear the cowboy boots along with vest ? For the lower parts, you can try the ideas mentioned before like skinny trousers, mini skirt, or short pants. Vest is basically only complementary but it just makes you look great anyway as the best jeans for cowboy boots.