3 Luxury and Expensive Mens Jeans Brands

Expensive Mens Jeans
3 Luxury and Expensive Mens Jeans Brands

Expensive mens jeans come from various brands. The good news of wearing jeans instead of any other pants is that this thing will never go out of style. Even though the season changes, the denim is always an adaptable staple that can be worn endlessly. You can even wear it for both formal and casual occasion, which make the denim becomes more popular and timeless.

Buying and wearing high quality denim is a great investment. Keeping up with luxury denim is kind of a must if you like to make your closet become relevant. Even though the price is basically high, luxury denim could save you some money later. Total cost of an item depends on the number it is worn. So, why do not you try to have a men’s jean even though it is a bit pricey?

3×1 Men’s Jeans

Well, perfection is something impossible but this brand comes with a very close step to get the ideal of perfection on men’s jeans. 3×1 is specialized in jeans with custom-made option. If you want to grab it home then you may prepare at least USD 1,200. This jean will also allow you to have a top-notch design.

The customer can choose the fabrics, includes the rare ones, and also buttons that are hand-painted. The zippers are coming from Switzerland and you can choose the one you like. And the result, you will bring home a jean that is never worn by others. The rivals also do not have what you have in their show case.

Tom Ford Men’s Jeans

This brand of menswear is consistently dominating the market and pop culture. It offers prestige, precision, and provocation at the same time. This brand also describes the seductive luxury and sophistication in very sharp look.

The denim itself offers the seduction that is resistant. Besides, it offers comfort and excellent look to everyone who wears it. Most of the products are made in the U.S. include stretch-denim and selvedge denim. Those will be cut later into the skinny style that will draw a modern silhouette of a man.

Soul of Nomad Men’s Jeans

Soul of Nomad is a newcomer with strong influence on the menswear market. So, if you like a sleek pair of denim with collaboration of Italian craftsmanship and Silicon Valley then this jean is for you. This jean offers the simplicity and comfort for leisure and work activity that will be versatile enough to wear. For your information, the material sources are coming from suppliers with fair trade.

The pieces are crafted in LA with rose gold hardware as the accent. Besides, the zipper pulls are made in Italy with customized curvy style. Soul of Nomad has always been the wardrobe of the jetsetter, no matter the wash or the cut is. You will get a travel envelope, a complimentary one that keeps your investment in denim.

This luxury men’s jeans brand also comes with concierge service and exclusive membership for the customers. So, this is the must-have expensive mens jeans.